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Thread: POWTECH 2004: VSR Industrietechnik

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    POWTECH 2004: VSR Industrietechnik

    Stand 10-215

    DUSTEX® Water Dispersion System for suppressing of industrial dust

    Compressed air activated ultrasonic nozzles with resonance chambers distribute water drops 10 times smaller than normal nozzle types, i.e. the droplets are fine like fog. Thus the number of drops is considerably increased as well as the probability to hit the fine dust particles. Moreover: smaller drops have a better absorbing capacity for fugitive dust particles. This is why the water consumption and humidifying of the material is reduced, remarkably to often less than 1 ltr on 1 t of material.

    Low pressures of water and compressed air (up to 4 bar) keep the expenses for energy and installation down. Optimal results are achieved when the problematic zones are encapsulated and a sufficiently large reaction room for the dust loaden air and fog is available so that the droplet bound dust can settle down and be taken away by the normal material flow.

    Special control systems and a variety of nozzles, nozzle cupolas and supports, together with our Know-how, guarantee the delivery of perfect systems designed for a wide range of applications. They control the droplet size and thus the mixing with the dust in the range of 1 to 50 my.

    Usual fields of application for the DUSTEX®System are conveyor belt transfers, crushers, screens, dumping pits and stockpiling. In most cases the air can be cleaned below the officially required levels. DUSTEX®systems are approved by official supervising authorities. A further range of action is the gas cooling.

    DUSTEX®resonance chamber nozzles have a performance rate of 10 to 1500 ltr/h water throughput.

    VSR BLASTER® air cannons pneumatical removing of cloggings and cakings

    Air cannons with isobaric sword nozzles and the smaller ERPULSOR®-air injectors simply blow material cloggings away. The fields of application are: ratholing and bridging in hoppers, funnels, silos, bunkers and stock piles with a capacity of well in excess of 10.000 m.

    As well, cakings and deposits in pipes, heat exchangers, cyclones can be cleared. Even in the high temperature areas of power stations and cement works with far more than 1000°C medium temperature. Here the new changeable nozzle stone system for simple nozzle exchange finds its application.

    Air cannons are installed on the exterior of the silos. They blow the stored compressed air at 4 to 10 bar explosively through large-area discharge cross sections of 50 - 150 mm diameter in milliseconds into the critical inner material zones. Often special nozzles are used such as the patented sword nozzle for large area activation.

    Far more than 25.000 VSR BLASTER®air cannons daily prove their famous absolute operational safety and easy maintenance. Based on their special but unsophisticated design and their problem-free control functions.
    Air cannons can be supplied with all mounting and control accessories and can be mounted on request. Air cannons are used as cost effective equipment in new plants or fitted to improve existing plants.

    VSR BLASTER®air cannons are available in sizes of 12 to 500 ltr, ERPULSOR®air injectors with 5 ltr. content.

    For more information on VSR Industrietechnik, please visit:
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