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    POWTECH 2004: K-Tron

    Stand 7-342

    K-Tron to Premier Revolutionary New Feeder Technology at Powtech 2004

    Pitman, NJ--- (January 14, 2004)--- The K-Tron Feeder Group will premier a revolutionary new concept for feeding bulk materials in Europe at Powtech (Booth #342 hall 7), March 16-18, 2004 in Nuremberg, Germany. Known as the K-Tron Bulk Solid Pump (BSP), this new K-Tron feeder does not use the usual screws/augers, belts or vibratory trays to convey the material. It utilizes positive displacement action to feed free flowing materials with astounding accuracy, offering uniform discharge, consistent volume and gentle handling.

    The BSP feeder has vertical rotating discs that create a product lock-up zone conveying the material smoothly from storage hopper to discharge outlet, achieving true linear mass flow. Utilizing a simple design and the principle known as “lock up,” the material in the feeder is moved together in true positive displacement, producing excellent linearity and breakthrough accuracy levels. With no pockets or screws and only one moving part, the compact feeder is cleaned in seconds, making it ideal for applications with frequent material changes.

    Both gravimetric and volumetric versions of the BSP will be available for free flowing materials, such as pellets and granules. Two models will be introduced initially. The BSP-100 will feed from 2 to 200 cubic dm/hr (0.07 to 7 cubic ft/hr). The BSP-125 will feed from 9 to 900 cubic dm/hr (0.32 to 32 cubic ft/hr). K-Tron will also introduce a new gravimetric blender utilizing BSP feeder modules.

    K-Tron will also exhibit in booth 7/342 a new T12 micro feeder, a gravimetric four-feeder blender station, a T20 Pharmaceutical feeder as well as Hurricane vacuum conveying equipment.

    For more information on K-Tron please visit:
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