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    POWTECH 2004: Italvacuum

    Stand 9-622

    ITALVACUUM Srl is a privately owned company located in Borgaro Torinese, Italy, (very close to the international airport of Turin-Caselle), specialized in the design, fabrication and installation of complete systems for vacuum drying of powders.

    Since its establishment, in 1939, as designer and manufacturer of Vacuum Piston Pumps for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ITALVACUUM has grown to one of the major companies involved both in Static (Tray Dryers) and Rotary Vacuum Drying technology. The result of the experience gained is a revolutionary product, patented in Italy and abroad, which answers the strict FDA validation criteria: the CRIOX system.

    CRIOX System (patented): multi-product Vacuum "High GMP" Dryer/Powderer with more than 160 plants worldwide

    1) CRIOX photograph
    Perfect homogeneity and uniformity of the dried batch
    Ability to powder the product during the drying cycle
    Reduced drying times
    Very low final moisture values
    Extremely high final vacuum values (under 0.01 mbar)
    Easy cleaning and inspection
    Easy complete unloading
    Fully progressive mechanical action
    The system is designed with FDA approval in mind

    Today ITALVACUUM offers turn-key vacuum drying systems and above all its own experience to tailor the drying processes according to Customers’ specific needs; in other words TECHNOLOGY.

    ITALVACUUM is a major force in the market, proud of its technical and financial autonomy, endowed with a modern structure, capable to conform to the most demanding technical requirements. ITALVACUUM's technology is successfully employed by some of the most important pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

    For more information please visit:
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