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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Retsch Technology

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    POWTECH 2004: Retsch Technology

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    Measuring Particles More Precisely and More Efficiently

    The use of digital image processing in particle analysis has made significant progress with the availability of new algorithms from Retsch Technology. At POWTECH 2004, Retsch Technology GmbH will present new developments in the particle analysis systems CAMSIZER® and CRYSTALSIZER® which make particle size and shape analysis easier and more efficient. These devices cover a measuring range of 0.7 µm to 30 mm.

    Digital Image Processing for Grain Size and Grain Shape Analysis

    Only since the introduction of digital image processing into a particle measuring device, has it become possible to precisely measure the shape of particles, thus achieving fast and reliable characterisation of powders and bulk materials for quality assurance. With the new software upgrade it is now possible to compensate for the differences between various measuring techniques and the CAMSIZER® principle. In this way, it is possible to perfectly match the results of the traditional screen analysis, which is often used as a basis for a variety of standards used in digital image processing. In addition, the user receives information on conformity parameters such as absolute lengths, width/length ratios, symmetry and roundness. The CAMSIZER® significantly lowers the amount of time and work expended for particle analysis when compared to traditional methods such as sieving. Apart from the high degree of efficiency, the results offer a very precise image of the sampling material. Moreover, the new CAMSIZER® software supplies daily reports and trend analyses, thus allowing rapid and easy assessment of changes in material and production processes even over long periods of time. This ensures uninterrupted quality assurance.

    Powder Characterization under industrial conditions

    The CRYSTALSIZER® particle measuring device operates with an intelligent software for continually checking the specific device settings while, at the same time, making necessary adjustments. What is especially important, is the ability to automatically recognise and compensate for any sample contamination. This improves both the reproducibility of results and measuring reliability. It is also possible to extend service intervals, which has a verifiably positive effect on the efficiency of particle analyses. Therefore, in addition to its high degree of robustness, the CRYSTALSIZER® also guarantees optimum sensitivity for precision particle size measurements.

    A Forum for On-Line Particle Analysis

    Because of their robustness and the fact that these devices can be used in 3-shift operation without any difficulty, the first on-line versions were successfully installed. The POWTECH trade fair offers the ideal forum for an intensive exchange of ideas with potential users of on-line particle analysis.

    For More information on Retsch Technology, please visit:

    The CAMSIZER® significantly lowers the amount of time and work expended on particle analysis. The software upgrade presented at POWTECH 2004 makes it possible to perfectly reproduce analysis techniques with traditional particle definitions such as screen analysis.
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