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Thread: Primary Crusher for Petroleum Coke

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    giantray Guest

    Primary Crusher for Petroleum Coke

    We have been operating roller crusher as primary and cage mill as secondary for crushing petroleum coke since 2001. They system turns out difficulties in maintaining proper product size from primary roller crusher to feed secondary cage mill. Too much maintenance on roller.

    Feed size to primary is 12-100 mm. Size required for secondary is - 38 mm.

    Does anyone have real experience and is willing to share his recommendation on proper maintenance procedure or proper type of primary crusher?

    Derek Lian

  2. Dear Mr. Derek Lian,

    I suggest you to provide following additional information, which will help in better response from various readers.
    You are saying some difficulty in product, kindly inform whether there is too much fine or too much oversize, etc.

    1.0) Petroleum coke hardness and abrasiveness.

    2.0) For roller crusher :
    2.1) Type of roller crusher i.e. single roll crusher or double roll crusher
    2.2) Roller diameter
    2.3) Roller rpm
    2.4) If two roll, the difference in roller speed

    3.0) Some description of the secondary cage mill i.e. whether it is swing hammer mill, fixed hammer impacter etc.
    3.1) Rotor diameter / swing hammer circle diameter
    3.2) Cage mill (bottom grate opening size)
    3.3) Rotor rpm

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 25882916

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    giantray Guest
    Dear Mr. Mulani,

    Our problem is too much oversize that clog from time to time inlet chute of secondary crusher.

    HGI index for petro-coke is 40-60.

    Main Data for Roller Crusher.
    - two-roll (toothed) single stage
    - roll diameter 24"
    - roll rpm 300
    - no speed difference between two rolls

    Hope you can help now.

    Derek Lian

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