Brrrrrrrrrrrrr..........Tis that time of year in CANADA again....the thermometer outside is around -20 Celcius and wind chill down to -30 degrees.

Actual phone Call: "My vibrating screen is not starting up easily...very hard it possible I need to change the oil?"

Answer: Yes, In checking with enduser......he advised he was in fact using the oil the vibrating screen was shipped from the factory with. Namely: EP5 or a 220 grade oil...this is perfect.
PERFECT for ambient temp of around 70 degrees fahrenheit or summer type temperature range in CANADA.

The customer has this info in his hands in his MTCE BOOK. It is right there....but, hence lots of customers do not use this info.
This summer weight oil 220 is good and the flowability is fine for summer but, in cold cold weather it is plain TOO THICK, does not flow and is the wrong pic.

TROUBLESHOOTING ANSWER: FIRST - check factory MTCE book, determine Bearing size (140mm OD) is the KEY and we find the factory recommends SHC626 Mobil or cross relate suitable for -30 or very cold weather. thinner oil - synthetic - wide range of temperature protection.

* Lastly, you must make sure the lubrication is suitable for VIBRATING APPLICATIONS:
- Oil must contain anti-foamant agents
- Oils containing suspended solids such as graphite and /or Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS 2) are not recommended for vibrating equipment applications
- In cases of extreme ambient temps - you may in fact need a lubrication system containing a recirculating oil lubrication system which incorporates a heater or cooler depending on extremities of temperature being experienced. Speak to MFR FACTORY.

SUMMER; Conversely, last summer we experienced a lot of vibrating screen mechanisms BURNING UP BEARINGS. Why? The folks just kept operating with the oil the unit came with from the factory. When temps becames abnormally BLAZING HOT.....HUMID and nasty....the oil was wrong and the protective qualities of the oil in the drive from the factory was not sufficient in comparison to the heat outside. TEMPS of oil raised abnormally high, breaking down the viscosity of the oil, causing the protective qualities to disappear and eventually PISTOL HOT and bearing failure.

Regards, George baker MODERATOR
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