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Thread: Stockpile Tower Design Calculation

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    Stockpile Tower Design Calculation

    I have a problem requiring me to determine the base moment to a stockpile tower (to enable check of tower, base fixings and footing).

    The steel tower (0.6 m diameter) feeds sand (angle of repose 30-35 deg) and is located 4.6 m from the centre of an 11.0 m high stockpile, boom from top of tower outstands 4.6 m. The sand is removed by Front-end Loader, and may be wet.

    I therefore need to determine the active (or flow ?) pressures to the high side (8.5 m of material) and any passive resistance reducing the resulting base moment for the low side (8.25m or less ?)

    I would seek a proven design approach, published references and/or research results for this problem.

    Thank you and regards,

    Geoff Dyer
    BE (Hons), MIEAust, CPEng
    Manager, Principal Engineer

    Photo showing a similar installation.

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  2. Geoff,

    Perhaps U should look at the AS design code for silos - wall pressure....for cohesive materials....there are numerous articles on wall prssures and U could draw a correlation.

    Not withstanding, towers are common at ports eg GPA - try consultants Connell Wagner/Hatch etc etc



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