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Thread: Metal Belt Zig Zag

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    Joseph Guest

    Metal Belt Zig Zag

    I am working with a small (34x10) metal conveyor belt supported by pulleys and not rollers. The belt exhibits a zig-zag deformation down the center after running for a day. Any ideas on what can be causing this?

  2. Joseph,

    Can you give more details on your system?

    For example:

    Is your metal belt a mesh belt, a metal sheet belt, or are you running a slat conveyor?

    What are the specifications on the belt?

    What are the c/c dimensions on your pulleys? Is there any support between the pulleys?

    What temperatures are you running at?


    Your question implies that the belt straightens itself out after running. This suggests a thermal problem - but more information is needed.


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    Gary Blenkhorn
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    If you are unable to get full specs on the belt. If you have a digital camera take a photo and attach it to your next post. We may be able to help from the photo.

    Gary Blenkhorn

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