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Thread: Gottwald Port Technology Installs Wide Span Gantry

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    Gottwald Port Technology Installs Wide Span Gantry

    Düsseldorf, 8 January 2004 – At the beginning of 2003, Gottwald Port Technology, the crane and port technology manufacturer, added WSG Wide Span Gantries to their range of cargo-handling products. The first customer for this new product was the COBI Container-Terminal AG in Switzerland, located at Birsfelden, near Basel.

    After nine months of construction time at the manufacturer’s main facility in Düsseldorf, the crane, which has a track gauge of 63 metres and cantilever lengths of 32 metres on the quayside and 21.5 metres on the landward side, was installed at its new home by the Rhine in Basel on 7 December 2003.

    The installation itself was preceded by only eight days of on-site assembly, during which all the components were unloaded and assembled on the ground. A key factor contributing to this rapid assembly was the bolt-together technique employed by Gottwald for all the crane components. Due to this concentrated assembly activity over a short period, disruption to the railway traffic on the site, which runs alongside the quay under the finished crane, was kept to a minimum. The rapid assembly process also meant that there was little inconvenience to the terminal area as a whole, which meant that the remaining work can be carried on without serious interruption and the final deadline for completion of the entire terminal will be met.

    Dr. Mathias Dobner, Head of Sales and Consulting for Terminal Systems at Gottwald Port Technology, commented on the event, which itself was a novel experience for Gottwald Port Technology: “Our efforts in recent months culminated in this highly satisfactory installation at Birsfelden. After all, we only started manufacturing these Wide Span Gantries at the beginning of 2003. The first manufacturing project for the new product was a particularly challenging one. On the one hand, our experience from the manufacture of over 850 Mobile Harbour Cranes has stood us in good stead and, on the other hand, we had the know-how of KSR (Kranservice Rheinberg) which has only recently been transferred to Gottwald, to draw on.”

    Equipped with state-of-the-art software, the new Wide Span Gantry provides a crane management system, position encoding and remote diagnostics as well as enabling semi-automatic stackyard operation. In the coming weeks, the crane will be assembled and subjected to comprehensive testing. “In January 2004, we will be commissioning the Wide Span Gantry.” confirmed Alex Mayer, Chairman of the Executive Board of COBI Container-Terminal AG. “We are convinced that, by opting for this product, with its 52-tonne lifting capacity on the ropes and one-over-five container stacking capability, we will be able to increase our productivity and maintain our competitive advantage in a tough market environment.”

    Technical data:

    Quayside cantilever length 32.0 m
    Track gauge 63.0 m
    Landward side cantilever length 21.5 m
    Lifting height approx. 18.0 m

    Lifting capacities:
    Normal load lifting capacity on the ropes 52.0 t
    Special load lifting capacity on the ropes 67.5 t
    Spreader operation 40.0 t

    Gantry travel 0 -100 m/min
    Trolley travel 0 –150 m/min
    Hoisting / lowering of full load 0 - 30 m/min
    Hoisting / lowering of partial load 0 - 60 m/min

    Crane weight approx. 500 t

    Special Features
    The air-conditioned operator cab is attached to the trolley and travels with it.
    Access to the cab and electrics room is facilitated by means of a lift.
    The lower section of the trolley can be swivelled to allow containers to be rotated and to permit accurate positioning of the spreader.
    The spreader can be used for handling and transhipment between ships, rail and road for all kinds of containers and swap bodies.

    For more information on Gottwald Port Technology, please visit:

    A Gottwald Port Technology First: the first WSG installation on 7 December 2003 in Birsfelden, near Basel in Switzerland.
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