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    POWTECH 2004: B+W GmbH

    Hall 10 Stand 123

    New Technology Revealed for Dust Suppression and Odor Elimination

    The POWTECH 2004 is a good opportunity for the team from B+W Gesellschaft für Innovative Produkte mbH to introduce and demonstrate their newest technology under their NALTEC® Line.

    The new NALTEC® Ventilator Technology provides for unsurpassed binding of dust and combating of odors at operating sites and in the environment. The fine fog, created by the NALTEC® Ventilator, is sprayed via a wreath of nozzles attached to the ventilator’s grid. Therefore, easily binding the free flowing dust particles in the air. The ventilators can be supplied for stationary, semi-mobile, or mobile installations. They are able to swing and/or rotate being mounted on steel frames. Fields of application are the bulk material handling and recycling industries, to name a few.

    The recycling industry, in particular, not only finds the NALTEC® Ventilator useful for the suppression of dust, but also for eliminating of unpleasant odors common in this workplace. Here, the NALTEC® System can be applied as an odor elimination system by using a special odor absorber called RESORB®. Through the NALTEC® nozzles, the RESORB® odor absorber is sprayed onto the source of the odor. Therefore, eliminating the odors from the environment.

    Also on display will be B+W’s MATAKT® Air Cannons and Lance Nozzles as well as their FLAER® Line of Conveyor Belt Scrapers.

    B+W GmbH consults and supplies professional components and turn-key systems for the Bulk Solids Handling Industry as well as the Building Materials and Waste Recycling, and Foods/Agricultural Sectors. Applications include Dedusting of Bulk Materials, Activation of Materials in Bunkers and Silos, Cleaning of Conveyor Belt Systems, Air and Material Cooling, Encrusting of Surfaces, Odor Elimination, and Humidification of Air and Materials.

    Due to its wealth of experience, B+W Gesellschaft für Innovative Produkte mbH, pays special respect to the individual requirements of the customer which is shown through its design and engineering office. Keeping close contact with the customer is an essential part of every project as well as the company’s business philosophy which is not only shown in their home office in Duisburg but also supported by their foreign sales offices. In addition, special attention is paid to the interlocking possibilities with each customer’s system. In other words, B+W’s systems can be completely automated and totally integrated into each customer’s existing system.

    For more information on B+W Gesellschaft für Innovative Produkte mbH please visit:
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