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    Need assisstence in calculating a horizontal curve(s) for an underground conveyor - 1800 mm belt width , EP 2000 ply belting capacity 4,500 tonnes per hour - installed power 1500-1600 kW - product rom coal.

    The first curve will be situated approximately 550 metres from the delivery jib - radius 2440 metres with the second curve sited at 290 metres from the delivery jib - radius 2440 metres.

    Can any one help?

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

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    Your request is not trivial. Normally, requests to the forum entails drawing upon historical knowledge, experiece or an ability to guide one to the source of answers.

    Your requests requires both informing you of missing data, missing criteria to create the data, and making a series of assessments to give you the needed engineering you have not asked for and probably do not know you need. You are not asking for free advice. You are asking for free engineering services. I believe most if not all forum participants value their time and expertise. You should do the same.

    I am sure many can answer your query. Are you willing to pay for the service of informing you on: a) what you do not know and need before the design process can be executed, and b) all necessary calculations which may take a number of days?

    All appropriate tension ranges (low and high) need to be explored. Variations in: a) new and worn belt, b) temperature and their affects, c) loading cases (empty, full; partial) together with, d) starting and stopping dynamics, with e) "what if" scenarios need to be set as part of a design criteria.

    There are a number of issues not addressed in the above. The point is there is more to it than a simple value. If this is what you seek, I say owner beware.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

  3. Thanks Nordell for your prompt reply!

    No, I am not asking for "free" Engineering services - I am asking how to calculate the required banking to enable the system that I described to operate.

    All that I am after is how do I obtain the formula(s) to enable me to calcualte what is required.

    Kind Regards,


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    Gabriel Lodewijks Guest
    Dear Mechnique,

    I generally agree with Larry's comments. If you want to try yourself you may start by looking at the work published by Krause and Hettler and Grimler and Kessler (see Bulk Solids Handling). There you can find models for the determination of banking angles. However, very important is that you know all loads on the belt (not only the weight of bulk and belt and static belt tensions, also the dynamic tensions during starting and stopping) and a good assessment of the friction factors between rolls and belt under different ambient conditions.

    Kind regards, Gabriel Lodewijks

  5. Dear Gabriel Lodewijks,

    I have sourced papers by H. Lauhoff, Holger Lieberwirth and Franz Kessler.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


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