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Thread: Minimum Belt Speeds & Idler Diameters?

  1. Minimum Belt Speeds & Idler Diameters?

    Hello All,

    Could anyone help me with some general questions that I have for slow moving belt conveyors:

    - What are the typical speed ranges and what scenarios will these be encountered? I.e. Slowest speeds to expect (quarries, sugar mills etc...???)
    - What diameters are common for idler rolls that are used for these slow speed conveyors?
    - Will these slow speed conveyors have a similar standard 3-roll carry, 1 flat return configuration spaced 1.5m, 3m respectively?

    Any insight that you can provide will be greatly appreciated!



  2. I ask this question because I want to gain an idea of idler rotational speeds of conveyors in the lower speed spectrum.

    That is:

    Normal operation, not jog mode.

    What is the lowest rpm's one would expect?

    What industries primarily make use of these slow speed conveyors?

    Thanks in anticipation!

  3. Is there anyone out there willing to offer some insight?

  4. What is the "question" (i.e. why are you asking this question)?
    This may promote a / more informative response.

    If I recall correctly the slowest I have physically seen (not designed) was ~50 mm / s (burnt and hence dusty Lime), with idlers ~100 mm at a spacing of ~250 mm.
    If designing something, the designer would need to ensure it is suitable (applying the above may not achieve this).


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