On these forums waste management has been largely negelected as if it was a Cinderella business.
There are many subscribers hereabouts concerned with the processing of raw materials which eventually become waste.
Isn't it about time there was a dedicated Solid Waste forum.
Where is DMS or even better LMS technology paticipation. Dense media separtion protagonists are missing out on a lot of business which according to the rest of this planet is staring them in the face.
Bulk handling is epitomised in shipping. Any clown than throw material into a ships hold:getting it out is a bit trickier.
Ergo. Any greedy git can process consumer items: recycling them is not so easy.
Roland highlighted plastic marine pollution some months back. After a few replies the post faded into obscurity.
We have a responsiblity to promote effective solutions for waste management far greater than our, thankfully diminishing, earlier zeal for producing the harmful raw materials.