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Thread: Density Measurement with Belt Weighing

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    Demazon Guest

    Density Measurement with Belt Weighing

    Hello, I'm an engineer from a pet-food plant.

    I heard that is possible to measure bulk density using the belt feeder. It is an easy concept:

    You have the weight of the product (kg/m) and also the area.

    If you have some experience with this kind of issue, please contact me.


  2. Hello Demazon,

    Density is a relatively easy measurement with a weighbelt provided the belt is flood-fed. This will produce a constant material cross-section, so the only mass variable will be the bulk density.

    Note the typical proprietary belt control may not necessarily include programming for density calculation, however we provide Allen-Bradley PLC-based gravimetric controls that we can easily program any measurement you require. Please forward application details to and we would be pleased to forward you equipment specifications.

    Regards, Delmar Schmidt
    Melfi Technologies Inc.
    Phone (281) 298-8398
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