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Thread: Side Discharge in Bins

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    beecs14 Guest

    Side Discharge in Bins

    I'm having problems finding literature on flow of bulk solids in a bin with both a side discharge and a bottom discharge.Where can I find any information about this? Thank you very much.

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    Author Guest

    Literature References on Silos, Bins, ...

    Please scan the eLibrary at on this website for keywords like Silos, Bins, Side Discharge etc. and perhaps you find worthwhile information.

    Reinhard Wohlbier

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    Side-discharge from a bin or a silo results in very high stresses on bin walls. It should be avoided unless you have expertise in the mechanical design of side-discharge bins and silos. If unavoidable, you should use experts such as Jenike and Johanson for their design.


    Amrit Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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