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Thread: Sugar Handling Facilities

  1. Sugar Handling Facilities

    We are urgently looking for a suitable proposal for transportation of sugar from the sugar factories through Big Bag of 1000 kg and loading the sugar thus received in Big Bag into a ship of about 25000 Tonnes capacity.
    The system required is
    1. 1000 kg Big Bag filling system at sugar factories, including loading in the truck.
    2. Unloading and emptying system at the port.
    3. Loading of sugar into the ship, either pneumatically or through any other means.
    4. Vessel top level
    - when empty- 10 meter.
    - when filled 2.5 meter to 3 meters
    5. Sugar Handling facilities required at the port- approx. 250-300 TPH

    parties interested to quote for the above system in part/full may please forward their offer to:

    580, SECTOR-A, Pocket-C,
    Vasant Kunj,
    Tel: 91 11 2689 4490
    Fax: 91 11 26124183

  2. Sugar Handling in Bags

    Beumer is an expert company in providing systems for Sugar handling. We just finished a huge sugar export terminal at the port of Santos, Brasil. The sugar bags comming in by trucks is temporarily stored on palettes at the terminal and then with the ship comming in within short period depalletized and then loaded onto the ship.

    Our Mr. N. Hingorani from Beumer India, who was with me in Santos may be contacted in Mumbai for more details (phone: +91 9892319091).

    Holger Lieberwirth
    Dr. Holger Lieberwirth

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    Mikalen is able offer an alternative means of transport to big bags, we manufacture a tipping container that can carry a payload of 26tonnes. the containers are ISO standard dimensions and can be transported on a skel trailer. The sugar will be be loaded through hatches in the top of the container and the containers then placed on the transporter using conventional container handling gear. The containers will be emptied at the port using a small hydraulic power pack to activate the tipping mechanism. The sugar will be dumped to the side of the container through the open floor and into a receival pit with a bucket elevator delivering to the shiploading conveyor system and shiploader. The containers can be lined with slippery stuff like Tivar 88 to ensure no hangup.

    Depending on the distances involved, a fleet of containers will be required to meet the throughput.

    Please visit our website at to review sketches of the container and how it works, if the concept is of interest we can provide a complete design proposal for manufacture in India, email me at for more info.

    John Hanna
    CEO Mikalen

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    Sugar transport

    We have a lot of experience in the sugar industry, built up in the Netherlands.
    For your inquiry we could make a proposal of course. What is the status of the project? When will it be realized?

    J.F Lommerts
    Jansen & Heuning Buk Handling Systems


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    Dear Sir,
    I can suggest you to contact DS&M an Italian Company specialist in dosing system and pneumatic conveyor if you sent them all the specify of the plant they can quote you what you need.

    Gianfranco Simmini

    FAX 0039 059 28 15 18
    TEL 0039 059 28 51 51

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