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Thread: Shiploader System for Barley, Wheat

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    Shiploader System for Barley, Wheat

    Dr.-Ing. Reinhard H. Wohlbier,

    We need a shiploader system for barley, wheat etc. for loading and unloading
    with the capacity of 1200 m3/h. During the operation dust emission has to be
    within the environmental limits such as pm10 etc.

    Could you please propose a company which produces this type of equipment.

    Glück auf.

    Suphi Ural.

    Mühendislik-Mimarlik Fakültesi
    Çukurova Universitesi
    Maden Mühendisligi Bölümü
    01330 Balcali / Adana

    Fax: 0090 322 226 41 49
    Tel.: 0090 322 226 41 60

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    Author Guest

    Shiploader System for Barley, Wheat

    Dear Mr. Suphi Ural,

    I’d like to provide information you require, but I’d like you to feedback to me in a deeper and more detailed way.

    Please provide more information regarding the project you’re working over.

    Would be a pleasure, contributing with your study.

    Best regards,

    Vicente Luis Molina

    Bahia Blanca
    Saavedra 42 - P2 Of "B"

    ?/æ 54-291-4533890

    é 54-291-155-71-2405

    é 54-9-291-5-71-2405 (From abroad Cell. phone)

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    Mathias Elter - TMSA , Brazil Guest
    Dear Mr. Ural,

    Tecno Moageira is the leading supplier of shiploaders in South America.
    We also supplied the last shiploader installed in United States, calculated for seismic zone 3 and with a lot of special requirements on dust control, no crosscontamination, etc.
    Please take a look into our site ( and, in the case you have a good feeling, please send more specifications of your job.

    TECNO MOAGEIRA LTDA. - - Fax: +55 51 21313330 / 33971280
    Eng. Mathias Elter - Diretor Superintendente (Executive Director) - E-mail:
    Fones (phones; +55 for Brazil): 51 21313318 (DDR) ou (or) 21313333 / 33970233 r. 318
    Av. Bernardino Silveira Pastoriza, 710 - Porto Alegre - RS - 91160-310 - Brasil (Brazil)

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