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Thread: Point of Loading on a Feeder

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    Caros Chaves Guest

    Point of Loading on a Feeder

    I am writing to this means, since I have a consultation in which some of you has probably had already experience

    I need to know if there is a technical recommendation for the point of discharge of material coming from a truck dumper that goes by a feeder - the idea is to avoid the spillage - . The managed material is coal that arrives in trucks with a humidity of 8%.

    The truck dumper ascends until an inclination of 55 degrees, with regard to the horizontal one and the feeder that receives the coal it is inclined 17.5 degrees with regard to the horizontal one. The capacity of the apron is of 500 tph, working to a lineal speed of 60 FPM.

    Can anybody of you help me with this topic?

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    George Baker

    George Baker

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    Apron feeder Load point

    Hello: Yes, I am sure I can help you.

    If I may rephrase your question, You are experiencing spillage at the TRUCK DUMPING or loading area onto the APRON FEEDER which goes to your crusher?

    Can you forward me a digital pic to my
    and it will help immensely to come with the correct answer.

    THANKS.........George Baker.....Moderator

    Sorry for delay answering.......i have been away on vacation.

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