Tucson, Arizona – December 15, 2003 – Cleveland-Cliffs has selected Modular Mining’s IntelliMine¨ mine management system to maximize productivity at its Northshore Mine operation, located 160 kilometers north of Duluth, Minnesota. Northshore is the fourth Cleveland-Cliffs location to select Modular Mining’s mine management systems.

The IntelliMine¨ system chosen by Northshore includes the following components:

* MasterLink™ communications backbone—Self-configuring wireless network that improves transmission speed and data capacity, and automatically reconfigures to ensure communication and coverage are not interrupted

* DISPATCH¨ industry standard dispatching system—Real-time dispatching in a dynamic environment that provides automatic, optimized haul truck assign- ments, GPS-based equipment positioning, equipment health monitoring, maintenance tracking, blending, production reporting, and more

* ProVision™ High-Precision GPS system—HP-GPS technology for dozers, shovels, and drills that provides a continuous flow of high-level information and data transfer in real time on current projects and working conditions

Each component of the IntelliMine¨ system works together to maximize mine productivity by integrating optimized haulage fleet assignments, high- precision GPS applications, reporting, and communications with existing business solutions. On site productivity is increased and operations information is easily shared throughout the site. Tactical and strategic processes already in place can be further optimized to achieve a fully integrated business solution.

“IntelliMine provides mines with a strategic, field-proven tool for helping them stay competitive in today’s marketplace,” stated Haydn Roberts, General Manger Modular North America. “Northshore will be able to integrate operations data and corporate business solutions to increase timeliness and accuracy of information shared across the Cleveland-Cliffs organization.”

Northshore will employ the system on a variety equipment including: 8 trucks, 4 shovels, 3 drills, 1 dozer, and 2 pieces of auxiliary equipment. Installation is scheduled to begin in January 2004. The system is expected to be fully operational by the end of February 2004.

About Cleveland-Cliffs Northshore Mine:

The Northshore mine, an open pit magnetite mine located in northern Minnesota, is owned by Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc. (NYSE: CLF), the largest supplier of iron ore pellets in North America. Cleveland-Cliffs operates iron ore mines in Michigan, Minnesota, and Eastern Canada. The Northshore Mining Company, in operation since 1955, contained the first taconite processing facility in North America. Production for 2003 is estimated at 4.8 million tons of pellets, with an annual capacity of 4.8 million tons.

About Modular Mining Systems, Inc.:

Modular, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, is the market share leader in providing powerful information management solutions to meet the needs of both open pit and underground mining operations worldwide. The company’s products range from fully automated, total mine management and control systems using the latest high-precision global positioning systems for surface applications, to proven mining cycle control, monitoring, and identification systems for underground mines. Modular has sales and support offices located in all key world-mining markets.

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