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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Heinen Trocknungstechnologie GmbH

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    POWTECH 2004: Heinen Trocknungstechnologie GmbH

    Hall 11 booth No. 217

    Heinen Trocknungstechnologie GmbH is extending its delivery range by various plants and components for solid dosage forms production: high shear mixers and batch fluidised bed systems as well as sieve mills, lifting columns, docking stations and other machines for the production of pharmaceuticals.

    By doing so, Heinen answers the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical industry for alternative, flexible and cost-effective process and plant solutions. The total containment for individual machines and complete granulation lines ensures highest security for humans and environment in the production of pharmaceuticals, supported by in-house production machinery as well as components from well-known OEM sub-suppliers. This product mixture enables Heinen to offer state-of-the-art products and to meet today’s challenges and demands of the market.

    Whatever the process may be - drying, humid granulation in mixers, fluidised bed spray granulation or coating of powders and pellets: Heinen always stands for competency in batch- or continuous processes. Further edges like state-of-the-art design, e.g. for 12 bar shock-pressure resistant fluidised bed plants, go without saying.

    Heinen Trocknungstechnologie GmbH makes use of its over 40 years of experience in the field of process technology and engineering of the well-known continuous Heinen drying plants and passes it on to the expanded extended product range, delivering plants in well-known Heinen quality.

    For more information on Heinen Trocknungstechnologie please visit:

    The Heinen granulation line

    drying (aqueous and solvent humid)
    fluidised bed granulation
    high shear mixers
    Wurster / bottom-spray-coating
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