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Thread: 'Kek' Milling Packages - made for the job!

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    'Kek' Milling Packages - made for the job!

    Kemutec Group likes a challenge! Those posed by the pharmaceutical industry in particular have driven the development of their size reduction and size classification equipment. Kemutec are specialists in these fields with an in-depth knowledge of the pre and post-processing requirements too. Through their intimate knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, they are well positioned to produce processing packages to meet today’s stringent demands. An excellent example being the two turnkey packages supplied to The Boots Group PLC (Boots), Beeston, Nottingham.

    Boots continuously appraise their production processes. Laboratory experi- ments confirmed that a particular production method could be improved. To help determine the equipment required for a new production line, Boots commandeered one of their existing mobile Kek 220 Cone type mills to reduce a belt-dried, brittle slab to a particle size distribution suitable for tableting. Boot’s in-house trials were assisted by an Engineer from Kemutec. The slab- like feedstock material proved larger than ideal for a consistent and optimum output from the Cone mill.

    Accordingly, Kemutec proposed that a Kek Kibbler pre-breaker mill be installed between the belt dryer and Cone mill. Trials at Kemutec demonstrated the Kibbler readily reduced the slab to pieces of less than 10mm - ensuring the required production rate through the Cone mill.

    Although work on a new production area had commenced, the new process was required to be operational sooner. To achieve this, Boots nominated an existing production room and decided to source fully mobile equipment. The mobility facilitating the movement of equipment to remote areas for cleaning and future use in different applications. The challenge for Kemutec was to produce a mobile size reduction package linked by a closed loop vacuum conveying system which operated under an inert nitrogen!

    After being kibbled, the product becomes an explosion risk. It is metered into the vacuum transfer system through a double butterfly valve airlock. The conveying gas is rich in nitrogen to prevent explosions. Under the influence of the inert partial vacuum, the pre-broken product continues to the in-line Cone mill for final sizing to a narrow particle size distribution powder suitable for tableting. The vacuum transfer system carries this powder to an IBC. Any carry-over is filtered out through an absolute filter with reverse jet cleaning.

    The filtration system is trolley mounted for lifting on and off the IBC filling station. The vacuum exhauster, its controls, nitrogen regulators, gas analysers, filters, conveying line coolers, etc. are all housed within a stainless steel mobile cabinet from which the filtered air/nitrogen mix is returned to the conveying system in a continuous loop. All conveying lines have dis-connectable couplings.

    Filled IBCs are taken elsewhere for the addition of lubricants and final blending before tableting.

    With their 'temporary' system operational, Boots ordered a second size reduction package for the permanent production area. This is currently being installed. All control panels and interconnecting pipework are fixed. The key machines remain mobile, with quick disconnect pipe couplings and electrics, for removal to washrooms. In this second package, a separate vacuum transfer system with loss-in-weight metering feeder and a 'Kek' Centrifugal Sifter doses the tableting lubricant into the IBC before in goes elsewhere for its contents to be tumbled and then tableted.

    For more information on Kemutec Group Ltd. pleaswe visit:

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    General view of the Kek size reduction package
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