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Thread: Torque Monitoring at ALCOA Plate Mill

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    Torque Monitoring at ALCOA Plate Mill

    Torque Monitoring at the 220" Plate Mill of ALCOA Davenport, USA

    In co-operation with the ACIDA-TorqControl GmbH, the SMS Demag AG equipped the main drives of the heavy plate mill of the ALCOA-Davenport Works with TAS torque sensors (Torque-Analysing-System). The supply, which took place some months ago, was part of the modernisation of the rolling mill drive train including new spindles and gear box provided by SMS Demag AG.

    The TAS torque sensors are designed for the permanent industrial use in rolling mills. The torque monitoring is one module of the comprehensive PPMS - Plant-and-Process-Monitoring-System of SMS Demag.

    The TAS module offers extensive functions for drive train and rolling process diagnosis: estimations of the resid-ual life time of fatigue affected drive elements (e.g. spindles), monitoring of torsional vibrations and stick-slip, recording of the distribution of torque between the top and bottom spindle (roll nip lubrication) or the optimisa-tion of pass schedules to reduce the initial pass impacts.

    ACIDA-TorqControl GmbH
    52134 Herzogenrath, Germany
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