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Thread: Remove Shale from Aggregate

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    Krusher Guest

    Remove shale from aggregate

    I am looking for an inexpensive method for removing shale from (7/8"-#4) aggregate. The aggregate contains 8% shale and I would like to get that down to 1%.

  2. Hello Krusher,

    What are the densities of the aggregate piece and shale piece (as a lump density)? Possible solution rests in using the difference in density.
    What about the relative sizes of aggregate piece and shale piece (as an average)?

    Ishwar G Mulani.
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    Krusher Guest
    Greetings Ishwar,

    The differences in densities is slight (0.8 gm/cm3). Granite, Basalt and Quartzite makeup the bulk of the aggregate.

    My concern is two products. One: Material passing a 7/8" cloth and retained on a 3/8" cloth.
    Two: Material passing a 3/8 cloth and retained on a #4 cloth.

    Observation has shown that when the shale fractures (through the crushing process) two surfaces remain flat. Also, on a wet conveyor belt, the surface tention of the water holds the pieces of shale. Possibly, a series of short conveyors with wipers placed so to remove the shale from the system, would work.

    Any additional comments would be appreciated.


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