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Thread: Selection of Slotted Mesh

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    hanlie Guest

    selection of slotted mesh

    we are considering changing from square to slotted mesh. What criteria should be used to decide on the dimensions of the slot?

  2. Hello,

    It would be better if you clarify whether you are referring to a screen or some other item. In case you are referring to a screen, please inform the type of screen, screen passing size etc.

    The main effect on screen product would be :
    1) With square opening; screened particle (lump) x and y dimension can be nearly square and third dimension can be of any length (theoretically) i.e. screened sizes will look somewhat similar to square rod.

    2) With slotted opening; screened particle (lump) x and y dimension can be up to rectangle and third dimension can be of any length (theoretically) i.e. screened sizes will look somewhat similar to flat rod or flat tiles.

    3) The sum average size of screened product is less for square opening, and more for slotted opening.

    4) Screen output will naturally be more for slotted opening, as average size is more.

    5) Whether to have square or slotted opening also depends upon acceptability of product size i.e. requirement. However, if feed material is nearly cubical / spherical or equal in three dimensions then slotted opening will give more output without quality / size sacrifice.

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    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo

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    Slotted mesh.

    What is the reason to change from square to slotted mesh?

    They are much easier to clean and less plugging.

    In some cases are lighter.

    Resonant frecuencies are different.

    In iron ore , where you want to get rid of the fine particles, and want less maintenance they work fine.

    as Prof. Mulani mentioned . the sepparated volume increases.


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