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Thread: Stacking and Reclaiming

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    caqi Guest

    Stacking & Reclaiming

    I am looking for alternative & preferably a cheap way of stacking & reclaiming coal.

    Currently stockpile intended for 30 000 Tons is carrying 90 000 Tons and production has halted.

    A boom stacker & A – Frame reclaimer are currently being used.
    We are considering to extend the rails or continue using front-end loaders to increase the capacity of the stockpile.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative to the obvious? Please reply A.S.A.P.


  2. Dear Mr. Caqi,
    Where is the Layout of the system? What is your daily consumption? Etc...

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    Coal, Zuid Afrika, A-frame. There should be no problem selling coal so you must be an overstocked power station???
    Have you considered a backstacker?

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