The Screw Commandments, from the Second Book of Ajax

Chapter 2 – All is particles

by Lyn Bates

1. Thou shalt not place within the screw hard rocks, nor wood, nor firm lumps or parts that fit within the clearance space of the screw, for surely they will wedge and jam, to cause great resistance to thy drive.

2. Thou shalt not obstruct the outlet from whence all the output flows, for there be no escape, and the resistance of the masses is terrible to behold.

3. Thou shalt not carry goods that cake or set with time to unyielding strength, for thy screw will falter, wear and bind, to stop or vanish, yea even to the surface of the shaft. And the force they show exceed power that be, to multiply thy woes.

4. Thou shall ensure a feed screw bin has shape and outlet form to suit the screw construction. For surely, as the night followeth day, the exit of the masses will follow the change in screw form. Without the screw obeys the rule of constant change, great masses will remain unmoved, become they firm and slow to yield.

5. Without the guidance and instructions from great masters, thou shall not incline a screw beyond a slope of one in three parts. For verily I say unto you, the masses shall return from whence they came, and non shall pass.

6. Thou shall never offer any bodily parts towards a screw in work, nor even when idle without taking utmost care that it cannot turn. For screws are not made for man, but are without sense, and will devour such parts with no remorse.

7. Thou shall not cause a screw to handle masses that cling and hold to all and sundry, without the utmost caution and support of those who know the workings of the helix, for the twists and turns of the screw will not avail without the wisdom of the elders, and there will be much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth as the masses grow and fill between the shape to overflowing.

8. Thou shall not enter the unknown to a screw without taking measure of their stock. For I say unto you, that whosoever shall use a screw without such understanding is a fool to be pitied, and the world is not without.

9. Thou shalt not heed the words of false prophets, who say screws will halt the flood of fluidity. For verily, as tiny grains will pass through the eye of a needle, so they flush mightily around the channel of a screw. Beware those that move quickly through a path of flow, for they are weak and loose and bereft of all control. All must move in steadfast unison, to gain in strength and stability.

10. Thou shall place thy orders with faith, to those secure in the true and certain knowledge and understanding of the screws, and of thy special duty, so to enjoy long and faithful service and work without end. Amen.

For insofar as prophet Archimedes spoke upon the actions of the screws in ancient time, so are his teachings spread wide upon the waters by Ajax disciples, whose word is good, And the site of their web carries great wisdom, Yea, even unto those of little faith.


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