The Flow Commandments

From the second book of Jenike, according to the house of Ajax

1. Thou shalt not follow in the ways of the Hitites, and smite or cause heavy blows to be cast upon the surface of storage vessels, nor even make to use of minor beatings, lest the plague of the Hammerash be upon you and your feed be denied forever.

2. Thou shalt not poke, prod nor enter staves or poles into the contents of a bin, from the outlet, nor the top surface, nor in any manner of opening to the vessel. For masses of high walls are not sound and the collapse of mighty solids may fall upon you and your land.

3. Thou shalt not gaze upon the open outlet from a bin from whence flow has ceased or not commenced, for thine eyes may be filled with great unpleasantness, and there will be much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and thy cup of woe will overflow.

4. Thou shalt not inject air without end into a stored material, under the penalty of a great flood, who's power to spread across the land is mighty to behold.

5. Thou shalt not offer your arm, fingers, nor any bodily protuberance into orifices of a bulk container, for thy parts may be removed or harmed to thine everlasting grief and shame.

6. Thou shalt not stand nor walk upon the surface of stored material, without due preparation and the most grave precautions for thy mortal soul. For the stored mass has no sound foundation.

7. Thou shalt not heed the uttering of false prophets and unlearned priests, nor the flow aid merchants of Mammon, who will tempt you with worldly goods and proffer diverse and exotic manner of flow salvation with their craven, barbaric images.

8. Thou shall follow the teaching of the Holy Utah Scrolls, be they in number 108 and 123, as prepared by the Scribe Johanson, and be mindfull of the BSI guide to take you through the wilderness of confusion.

9. Thou shall measure the strength of the material, and how it slides upon the surface that it meets, so that you may understand its ways, for verily the behaviour of the masses are mysterious and their manner as diverse as the grains of desert sand.

10. There is but one true road to follow, the teachings of Jenike and his flow disciples with their tools of friction and shear, so that ye may receive and enjoy the blessings of safe, reliable and everlasting flow, yea, even unto the last grain.

Verily I say unto you, Follow in these enlightened teaching to escape the dreaded curse of the Arches, live whole and to your full span of four score years and ten, and enjoy the tranquil peace of smooth operation for, be ye not unaware, that the sins of omission will surely find you out, to enjoy no peace of mind, and to suffer the eternal damnation of production losses and expense without end.


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