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Thread: Mining with Trucks vs Belt Conveyors

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    Arguments for belt conveyors are more debatable.

    "Conveyors or other transport methods are not chosen by a gift-of-gab consultant." Oh yes, they very often are!

    " not need substantial roadways and in some cases the roads are gone after nature takes over." If a user cannot be bothered to look after his access roads I imagine his overall maintenance must be equally shoddy.

    "...not made a “cost of ownership” difference ..." No need to: I just have to present the claimed costs to the Client. Contractors will say anything about costs. It is their way of guiding a client toward their own personal cleaners without having to prove their competence. It used to be called cooking the books.

    ".....the risk of strikes, lack of tires or inflated cost of diesel." Strikes can shut down the whole plant; tyre wear could cost less than a slit belt (or 2) and if the cost of diesel or LPG goes up it is a pound to a pinch of dung that electricity prices will go up accordingly....on a remote site. Besides many mines now have driverless haulage which rather lessens the significance of striking drivers and their wages.

    For myself, the adage 'If you bought it: it came on a truck.' holds a lot of truth. Mine owners frequently have downstream processing plants and 'plant' often presumes conveying their own stuff inside as well as off site. So be it. There are plenty of trucks earning a decent living, however inefficiently. Conveyors are regularly seen as ideal for transport between fixed stations and so they are. I have never seen one of these shiftable, overburden stripping and mining conveyors in operation but I think their relocation might not be as easy as the vendors claim. Same for overland conveyors with or without access roads or bridges. Once the overland is built you have to be in for the long haul and, as I tried to say previously, that might not be as long a time as it was thought to be.

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    Arrow asking for feedback: Truck vs. Belt

    Quote Originally Posted by mechanicaldesigner View Post
    What are the factors that determining the decision to use trucks or belt conveyors to transport the ore in a new mining.
    What advantages and disadvantages have each of these options.
    Thanks in advance for your help, if you can not answer at least I hope someone can recommend some books to read about it.
    _______________feedback___________________ Hola

    ¿podrías compartir cómo y por qué razones/parámtetros has resuelto el dilema-camión-faja?

    could you share how and based on which reasons you solved the truck-belt-dilema?

    gracias, saludos
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    Smile New Brooms

    I quite appreciate this topic being resurrected.

    Mineral processing plants produce a lot of waste which is usually pulp. In cases where hydraulic conveying is used for waste shouldn't is also be examined for carrying ore. I have argued against the folly of amazingly appointed Oil & Gas Contractors who proposed trucking waste uphill while also conveying ore downhill to the plant. That apart, hydraulic conveying deserves mention for economy & route flexibility. A comminution plant is usually necessary to provide a conveyable product to the plant. None is required for waste disposal.
    Elsewhere in these replies it is suggested that the power supply for comminution near the mine is a disadvantage for belt conveying. If an energy balance is imperative the addtional comminution effort for hydraulic conveying is insignificant because the infractucture overhead is pretty much the same.
    Finally, for now, you should commonise the transport. Sending empty equipment in opposite directions is ecocide.
    I can't apologise for turning the thread on its head but I can refer you to Ravensthorpe nickel mine in Western Australia which was saved from extinction by efforts of, amongst others, Mark Lockyer of Wier. Chase it up & get your eyes opened.
    John Gateley

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