Laboratory for condition monitoring and vibration and noise reduction of open cast mining machinery
Wroclaw University of Technology
Pl Teatralny 2
50 051 Wroclaw
Laboratory does research on condition monitoring for open cast mining machinery. Especially research is directed to vibration signal analysis for gearbox fault detection. Novel deep signal analysis is used for detail fault detection. Mathematical modelling and computer simulation is used for supporting diagnostic inference. For automation of diagnostic inference: ruled based and artificial neural networks are used for reasoning. All factors having influence to vibration signal (design, production technology, operation, change of condition DPTOCC) are taking into consideration when developing diagnostics methods for given object/machinery. Modern means for vibration and signal analysis are used for vibration and noise examination of open cast machinery systems. Taking into consideration DPTOCC factors leads to information system for maintenance design rationalisation of open cast machinery. Seminars on condition monitoring methods are organised. We treat condition monitoring as interdisciplinary branch of knowledge. We co-operate with many universities world-wide, participate at international conferences where we share with our experience. We published many papers at conference proceedings and well-known international Journals: Machine vibration, Mechanical system and signal processing, Condition monitoring and diagnostic engineering management COMADEM, Transaction of the institute of measurement and control. Look also to