Original MECO air-purged seals effectively contain dry powders and other abrasive materials in crushers, grinders, hammer mills and similar rotating equipment. MECO seals can increase M.T.B.F. by a factor of 4 or more over packing and can be quickly rebuilt on site. The patented MECO concept is based on the use of a driving elastomer, which co-rotates with the shaft. Since this self-compensating driving elastomer is the seal’s only interface with the shaft, MECO seals accommodate significant radial and angular shaft misalignment and shock loads while protecting the shaft and bearings from abrasion damage. Designed to accommodate shaft run-out up to 6 mm and to completely contain dry, abrasive materials, MECO seals are also ideally suited to mixing equipment and horizontal or inclined screw conveyor applications. The fully-split versions permit installation and maintenance without disturbing the bearing or drive assembly. FDA-approved materials are available.