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Thread: Design of a Bulk Terminal Project

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    Author Guest

    Design of a Bulk Terminal Project

    There are some questions in my Design Institute concerning the design of a bulk terminal project, and I want to consult the experts on this website.

    The questions are:

    1. The spread, scale and management of major coke terminals for shiploading and unloading. We also want to know the handling equipment these coke terminals utilize.

    2. The spread, scale and management of major cargo coal, coke, ore logistic centers in the world.

    3. The advanced technology and handling equipment for unloading coke from open railway wagons.

    4. Are there any engineering examples of systems with crashing machine and vibrating screen for coke? Corporations which can manufacture crashing coke machine or vibrating screens, and their outstanding achievements.

    5. The effective measures to minimize cracking rate of coke and pollution when the coke is transported.

    6. The spread, scale and management of silo coal-blending installations.
    Silo coal-blending installations, for instance: EMO in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Yang Xing Yan
    The First Design Institute of Navigation Eng. (FDINE)
    P.R. China

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    Ralph M. Horak Guest

    Coke handling terminal

    Dear Mr. Yan

    There are many questions which will have to be answered during the preliminary and design phase of a coke/coal terminal. It would be difficult to answer all of your questions within the limitation of the Forum. To save you time and effort, I recommend obtaining the services of an experienced bulk materials handling consultant who will generate all necessary information and will carry out the correct design and unbiased equipment selection for you.

    I would recommend ATZ Consultant in New York, USA to assist you in your preliminary design efforts. They can provide bulk materials handling engineering services, having over 35 years of international experience all over the world.

    Mr. Andrew T Zador (ATZ) the president of the company (he is also a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Bulk Solids Handling Magazine) has personally worked on many projects in China; for example, he has visited and worked on the Shangai Coal terminal for the World Bank, and on the Xiamen Port project.

    ATZ has visited, worked and has become very familiar with the EMO Rotterdam Coal terminal. For many years, ATZ Consultant has developed the design for the new Coal transfer terminal for EECV in Rotterdam.

    For an efficient coal/coke/bulk materials handling terminal the design process should include the modern Computer Simulation technology. ATZ has developed one of the most efficient Simulation software programs, which has been utilized in the design of over 100 major bulk materials handling terminals worldwide.

    I am sure they would be happy to furnish resumes, list of major projects, publications, etc. You may contact ATZ Consultant at the following e-mail:, or by mail to ATZ Consultant 1623 Third Avenue Suite 26-H, New York, New York, 10128, USA.

    I also recommend visiting modern world-class coke shipping terminals. During the last 10 years, four coke-export terminals have been commissioned in Venezuela; all four are utilizing pipe conveyor and shiploading technology. The latest, the SINCOR coke terminal in Jose (2001), has the most sophisticated, up-to-date and environmentally friendly shiploading system for Panamax class bulk carriers. (You may contact Horak Associates LLC - Port Development and Bulk Materials Handling Consultants - (in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA) at, the developer of the new technologies employed there, for more information.)

    Best regards

    Ralph M. Horak
    Horak Associates LLC

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