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Thread: Dynamic In-Line Mixer

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    Dynamic In-Line Mixer

    Jongia's dynamic in-line mixer has been specially designed to achieve extremely intensive mixing while maintaining very short residence times. As a result small quantities of additives can be mixed with a relatively high, continuous process stream in a very brief time.

    In particular when an ingredient must be added just before the next step in the process or before filling takes place, this in-line mixer offers a good solution. The mixer is already being used successfully in various branches of industry to include Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical. The standard model includes electro-polished internals.

    The advantages of the new concept can be summarized as follows:

    - The special design results in very efficient mixing under high shear
    - Its smooth finish facilitates easy CIP/SIP
    - Pressure loss is negligible
    - Sealing by single or double mechanical seal
    - Standard material is stainless steel, but other materials may be used
    - Easily installed within the existing piping
    - Custom made design tailored to client's specification available
    - Available in various sizes
    - Meets PED and CE Machinery Directives

    For larger quantities of additives Jongia recommends their standard range of static in-line mixers.

    Contact: Jongia Div. of MPE Group USA at
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