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Thread: Coal Load Out Equipment

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    Should responses to your ad require additonal
    larger pieces of equipment, we would be please to
    assist by offering:
    (1) 6200tph reclaimer, unused
    (1)3000tph radial ship loader
    (1) 3000tph Crawler mtd. ship/barge loader
    (1) 1500tph Pontoon mtd. loader
    For those interested in Unloading Equipment, we
    would be pleased to offer suggestions. Also, please keep us in mind if you have surplus equipment for sale.
    Al Goodmundson

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    Attention:Terminals Inc.
    Thank you for your phone call regarding the Coal Loadout Equipment.
    Our email address is
    Fax: (306)244-3773
    Thanks Again,
    Al Goodmundson

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