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Thread: Screw Conveyor for Lime Mud

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    soren Guest

    Screw Conveyor for Lime Mud

    Is there anyone that has experience or are aware of applications where material similar to lime mud is transported continiously out from a pressured system? Lime mud is calcium carbonate with usually 75% DS and 60% volymetric amount of air. It is a biproduct of the recausticizing process in the chemical pulp industry and is regenerated in the lime kiln.

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    wizi Guest

    Screw conveyor system for lime mud

    FMW is specialised for raw material and sludge handling in the paper industry.
    We have installed in the past systems for the handling of lime sludge although this requires very thourugh investigations due to the inherent handling problems.

    To assist you in this respect please send the following information to
    - expected capacity
    - weight by volume
    - physical properties of the material to be handled
    - physical properties at the inlet
    - length and height of the screw conveyor system

    I am looking forward to receive your information.

    Yours sincerely,


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