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Thread: Dust Extraction in a Nitrophosphate Fertilizer Plant

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    mmartinez Guest

    Lightbulb Troubleshootin of Dust extraction equipment in a Nitrophosphate Fertilizer Plant

    We are having trouble with the operation of the Dust extraction system in our Fertilizer plant, which uses the nitrophosphate process. The system comprises a collection piping, a cyclone, a ventury scrubber and a fan (induce air flow throughout the system). Main problems are:
    1) excesive quantity of dust to be collected at 2 chain crusher to belt conveyor tranfer points. It is very difficult to handle such a huge quantity of dust.
    2) Dust material (fertilizer) is very hydroscopic which tends to plug gradually the pipes and the cyclone. Although the system is heated by hot air injection, It is very difffucult to avoid plugging.
    3) The rotary valve for the discharge of material ant the cyclone doesnot work properly.

    Does anybody can provide us with some ideas to overcome the above mentioned problems. Does anybody has experience in this particular aplication.

    Best regards,

    Marco Martinez
    Acting Technical Manager
    Monomeros Colombo Venezolanos S.A.

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    Shah Dilip

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    Dear Marco Martinez
    Chemical Engineer.

    We have pleasure to inform you that we are manufacturing speciality
    chemicals for various industrial applications. We have Dust
    Suppression products range 'DUSTRON' for the DUST SUPPRESSION in
    mining operation for haulage road in open cast mines and for the bulk
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    We have a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Central Mining
    Research Institute (CMRI) Dhanbad, India which is a part of Council
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    recognised Institute for the research in the field of mining

    The following products are approved and accepted by the Indian Mining
    Industries since last 10 years for better environmental and mining

    1. DUSTRON PC Compound: For the open cast mines haul road where the
    dust emission is because of HEAVY EARTH MOVERS of high capacity
    trucks Dozzer, Tippler etc. DUSTRON PC is used for various class of
    mines in India for dust suppression in the mines as under.
    (1) Iron Ore Mines
    (2) Zinc Mines
    (3) Lime Stone Mines
    (4) Copper/Chromite Mines

    2.DUSTRON PC COAL : For the open cast mines haul road of collieries,
    railway sidings and coal jetty's road of the ports.

    3.DUSTRON PC LIGNITE : For the haulage roads of lignite open cast mines.

    4.DUSTRON XT : This product is used for the dust suppression of bulk
    material handling system where at the transfer point crusher house,
    dumper platform dust emission is heavy, so along with water spray
    DUSTRON XT is used to control dust emission.

    5.DUSTRON XT COAL : For bulk material handling system of conveyors,
    dumper platform, wagon tipplers of open cast/ under ground mines,
    Thermal power plants and coal jetty on the port trust.

    All the above products are used in Indian mining industries to control
    dust for better environment & working conditions which produce no. of

    We hope that you might be consuming some product for similar
    application. "Using DUSTRON RANGE OF PRODUCT SAVINGS IN WATER is 40%"
    with other benefits.

    If you find any interest we shall send you the detail literature for
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    We request you to send us your e-mail address to contact you on net.

    We ensure you to provide you best services and technical back-up to
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    Awaiting for your valued inquiry.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully
    For N R D Industries

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