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Thread: Aetna Awarded Double Contract by MBT Degussa

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    Aetna Awarded Double Contract by MBT Degussa Group

    The MBT Degussa Group have awarded two orders to Aetna UK, for Esse Gi vertical Form, Fill and Seal machines to handle heavily aerated cementitious products.

    The first order is for a machine to handle Coloured Pigment Powders, Lime and specific Repair Powders into polyethylene bags with weights ranging from 400g to 4.2Kg. For this system Aetna will provide a horizontal feed screw (of easy-clean design) located beneath the customer’s feed bin. This will deliver product directly into the vertical dosing system, which sits above the vertical packaging machine. A Labyrinth closure on the vertical seal has been added, which will allow the air to escape from the product and the filled bag, but with very little product escape.

    Aetna are also fitting a Jaguar printer model 106i with a large print area to both orders. This will allow the customer to print a wide range of information on to the flat film.

    The second order is for a machine, to handle a specialist flooring material containing sand, cement, aggregate and flint with weights ranging from 13 to 25Kg.

    MBT’s previous method of packing did not allow for de-aerating these products and when packed into plastic bags and sealed, they were impossible to palletise due to trapped air, so the bags finish up like bags of water. This meant that they had to use expensive large outer cardboard boxes on their pallets in order to keep the bags stable.

    To overcome this problem, Aetna will provide an automatic vertical packaging system with special de-aeration features, coupled with a semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapper located at the end of the filling line. The wrapper does away with the need for the stabilising box and will dramatically cut the cost to wrap and stabilise the pallet.

    The system will provide an inclined screw feeder (of easy clean design) located beneath the feed bin, which will deliver product directly into the net weigher model ESG26C. This weigher is fitted with a rubber weigh pan that allows easy and quick removal and replacement to assist the operator during clean-downs. This in turn sits above Aetna’s vertical hydraulically operated packaging machine model C10, which is fitted with the following features, designed for handling powdered products:

    - Rotary needle puncher making air exhaust holes within the Labyrinth seal chamber
    - Hydraulically operated Labyrinth closure vertical sealing jaw.
    - Hydraulically operated horizontal sealing jaws.
    - Pneumatic horizontal pre-closing jaws.
    - Bag top pressers beneath the horizontal sealing jaws to expel trapped air from within the bag prior to closure.
    - Pneumatically operated discharge saddle with selectable vibrator assembly to assist product settlement in the bag. Bags exit with the vertical Labyrinth seal uppermost.
    - Rubber cavity inside the conforming tube that connects to the discharge hopper.
    - Quick reel splicing and clamping assembly to assist film changes.

    To complete the operation, Aetna will supply one of their new generation of semi-automatic full pallet stretch wrappers, model Rotoplat 506, to protect and stabilise the pallet.

    For more information, please visit:
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