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    Belt Joiners

    Do you know where we can buy belt joiners rivet type, i.e. no special tools needed to fit. Jackson in the U.K. used to do these but they have been taken over by an American company who have dropped them from their range

    Thanks for your help.

    Les Marnell
    Internal Sales
    Ballarat Industrial Supplies

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    Check out Minet Lacing Technology Website

    They have offices in USA, Germany, France and Spain

    Gary Blenkhorn

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    Please check website of
    Gerhard Börner

  4. Flexco has a complete line of mechanical belt fasteners for all belt thicknesses. Check their web site at

  5. Belt joiners

    Dear Les Marnell,

    maybe it's to late but if you are still looking for a manufacturer of mechanical fasteners for rubber belts with no need of any special tooling, you have to look on the web site
    - rivets fasteners (Jackson was the representative of the company Minet for UK and the Commonwealths before their competitor Flexco have over taken the company; you need only a hammer !)
    - MS fasteners with self taping screws (you need only a screw driver !)
    - Super-Screw fastener made with fabric, rubber, metal pieces under the rubber and self taping screw for fixing in the belt carcass (you need only a screw driver !)

    The last one is a very revolutionary system with most of the advantages of hot splices and usuable also for very heavy duty belts up to several miles long and with a good compatibility with all scrapers (also hard metal).

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