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Thread: Used Coal Ship Loader

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    Used Coal Ship Loader

    The existing Ship Loader was installed on the Jetty in 1986 and is a standard type Malco designed ship loader / stack out conveyor. The operational requirements for this facility were to have the ability to load ships of 3000 to 5400 tonne capacity.
    The Loader incorporates slewing, luffing, long travel modes together with flow control deflector. This arrangement includes a conventional self-propelled loader with a short inclined approach conveyor to transfer coal from the jetty conveyor to the boom conveyor.
    The loader has the capacity to load at a rate of 2000 T.P.H. The boom is 16.9m long and can slew through 150 degrees and can luff through + or – 15 degrees from the horizontal.

    Comes With 1 Km Belt Conveyor From Loading Bin.
    Condition Good.

    Send In Your enquiry.

  2. Could you send photo about the system.
    Marcelo A Alonso.

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