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Thread: Gericke High Performance Mixer for Low Headroom

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    Gericke High Performance Mixer for Low Headroom

    The demand of toady’s factories for a modern mixer includes high capacity range, easy cleaning and small dimensions to safe space. Gericke’s GMS mixer is equipped with horizontally aligned double shaft rotors and is offering a very interesting ratio of mixer’s volume and required headroom. A 2000 l volume mixer needs less than 1.5 m headroom!

    The mixing tools create a fluidised bed which allows the particles to move easy and quick in the mixing chamber, without introduction of energy that would destroy the particles. Gericke therefore calls the mixer ‚Multiflux‘ mixer. The typical mixing time is below 1 minute and avoids the breakage of different ingredients like powders and agglomerates.

    The special shape of the mixing paddles allow the quick and efficient emptying of the mixer after a production cycle. The low number and good access to the mixing paddles makes the cleaning easy.

    Gericke supplies all additional equipment being necessary to fill the mixer with product and to prepare the recipes by feeders. Gericke as specialist in all type of pneumatic conveying technology will analyse the best way to fill and evacuate the mixer.

    It is possible to compare the different types of a mixing process and to vary the parameters which have an influence on the output of a mixing process in a test lab. Therefore Gericke is ready with rental units and well equipped test labs for doing trials with original products. For information about the Gericke please visit:

    GMS 2000 with liquid injection and delumper
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