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Thread: Stack Design for a Cement Kiln

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    Stack design for a cement kiln

    I would like to know how to design and fabricate stacks now a days.
    Right now i am working on something with the following characteristics: A stack for a cement kiln that produces 2100 ton/day with a temperature design of 300 ºC and a working temperature of 190 ºC. The necesary height of this stack is 65 mts.
    I want to know what kind of materials i have to use, i mean, do i have to build it all with concrete? , do i have to use steel? or, can i use a mixture of concrete and then steel?

    Wich is the latest technology on this matter?, do i have to use any kind of internal refractory coat, such as special concrete?

    Thank you all for any help you can give me, i am looking forward to receiving any answer from you.

    Jaime Gomez.

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    jmorrish Guest


    The temp is a bit high and unusual for a cement plant...they should have post kiln cooling.

    The stack hieght is also not very high.

    We use steel stacks - with a corrosion allownace.

    U need to check out the gas composition and the acid dew points.

    Then U take it from there.

    I have heard of stackes that are refractory brick lined steel stacks.

    Another method is to thermally lag the stack to prevent acid dew point from occuring - but the risk is start up/cool down times.

    U really need the help of the process/chemical department and then analysis it from there.

    There are also special paints out in the market - USA - baked/cured enamels.



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