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Thread: Software for Pneumatic Design

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    Niels Jessen - Denmark Guest

    Software for pneumatic design

    Does anybody know of a good program for simple design of dilute phase systems?

    I am working at a flour mill, products are flour, grain, feed etc.

    Today I work with an Excel worksheet, based on formulaes from W. Siegel 'Pneumatische Förderung'.

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    Software and IT Consulting Services

    Dear Niels,

    We are a software development company with structured team to provide faster, economical and efficient services and solutions. With currently employing 30 qualified engineers, Our specialisation is into IT Engineering - Manufacturing, CAD/CAM/CAE, Automation, Customised Mechanical Solutions.

    Your query sounds interesting, we have a product coming up for a similar industry, may be it could be some interest to you. Kindly let me know if you would like to more on the same, Also I did like to discuss on other areas we could work together.



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    We have a computer program for both dilute phase and dense phase pneumatic conveying. You can buy it from us. Please visit our web site for more infomation.

    Tim Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

  4. Dear Niels,

    we have different types of software available for calculation of dilute and dense phase conveying.
    One (which contains a lot of smaller programs around fluidization) is free, the other, more comfortable are available on request.

    My personal experience with "Siegel" is, that (if you not exceed the limits for load ratio, pressure drop and so on) meet the requirements for +/- 20% of erratum.

    Best regards
    Klaus Schneider
    KS-Engineering, Cologne


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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Canned Programs


    Experience would say that the best programs are spreadsheets written by engineers like yourself. Right now you know what you have, and how it works, you won’t get that from commercial software.

    Commercial programs include an input section and an output section, but the actual calculations are generally proprietary and inaccessible to the user. That fact, plus the cost and the disclaimers, are strong arguments for not using them.

    I’m sure many will offer their canned programs but the drawbacks remain. You will be ahead to continue developing the spreadsheet you already have.

    Dennis Hauch

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    Niels Jessen - Denmark Guest

    Canned Programs

    Dear Dennis Hauch,

    I get your point, and I agree. One point which I have learned since I posted the question is that the big advantage is that we only operate with very few quite similar products; Flour feed or kernels. The experience gained from case to case is not incoorporated in a comercial software.

    Thank you for your input.

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    jtekchandaney Guest
    Hi Niels,
    I was wondering if you could share the excel spreadsheet with me

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    The basic equations for conveying system design are the same whether you use the Xcel spreadsheet our visual basic computer program for running the calculations. With correct input data either of these methods will give about the same results, but the visual basic program will be more flexible, somewhat more accurate, and easier to use.

    It costs only $1,000 to buy this program. Choice is yours, we can help you in both of these options.


    Amrit Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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    Have a look at the Coperion website under plants. They provide a calculator for dilute and dense phase systems. It is called PneuCalc.

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