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Thread: Electric Driven Mobile Conveyor Belt

  1. Electric Driven Mobile Conveyor Belt

    Dear Sir,

    We are interested to get a proposal offer to supply full electric driven mobile conveyor belts .

    We are interested to work with your esteemed company against this project under exclusives bases provided that you have no preset agent in Jordan.

    So, you are kindly requested to respond to this e-mail by reply advising us if you are interested to submit a proposal through our company .

    Best Regards

    Wadee Nasser
    General Manager
    United suppliers for engineering materials
    Amer bin malek st.
    Khalda - qudah building
    P.o.Box: 2444,Amman: 11821,Jordan
    Tel.: +962 6 5560030
    Mobile : +962 79 5549448 gsm

    Fax: +962 6 5560040 Jordan / +1 801 327 0714 USA

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    Electric Driven Mobile Conveyor Belt

    Dear Mr. Nasser,

    In order to receive a meaningful quote you must give more technical details on your project. The more exact you are the better the quotes will be.

    Thank you.

    Reinhard H. Wohlbier

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