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Thread: Thermal Stresses in Silos

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    Thermal Stresses in Silos

    Please, help me: In calculation of thermal stresses in silos. Temperature difference= (Ti-To-80ºF) in ACI by Safarian, ¿its right?

    Sorry for my english, is not very good yet.


    Jaime Becerra

  2. Lightbulb

    What material are you storing in the silo and what size is the vessel? If the bin is subject to cyclic heating and cooling you may find that the contents settle further within the silo when the structure expands slightly when warm, followed by compression as the silo contracts upon cooling - giving a significant increase in structural stresses. Silo failures have been documented as a result of this "ratchetting effect" caused by the settlement of the contents over a series of expansion/contractions.

    Is the risk of this effect what you are trying to establish?


    Richard Farnish

    The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology, Univ.Greenwich, London, UK

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    Thermal stresses in silos

    Hi Richard:

    Reinforced concrete silos for clinker. Di=25m, H=42m.


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    Re: Thermal stresses in silos

    Originally posted by cobeto
    Hi Richard:

    Reinforced concrete silos for clinker. Di=25m, H=42m.

    Take a look to the EuroCode 1 Part 4.
    Also in Zement Kalk Gips Prof. Hering published an article about your problem.

  5. If U have an issue wrt spalling of the concrete silo wall , especially on the inside, pls have a chat to Julian Hardy at Worley consultant in Brisbane Australia.. he is a very good silo expert. U can look at the Aust. stds on silo design

    U have several issues to consider:

    wind loads and ovalling of the silo
    material loads - varying fill levels and uneven silo dischare loads
    thermal effects - clinker will not cool down quickly
    quality of the workmanship wrt reo bar placement

    Spalling prevention is better than the cure considering that these silos are used all the time regardless of kiln production.



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