Shepherd Widnes streamlines production with Ajax Equipment Screw Feeders

Ajax Equipment has supplied Shepherd Widnes Ltd with two screw feeders to improve safety and streamline production of metal salts at its Widnes factory in North West England.

Shepherd Widnes Ltd is part of the Shepherd Chemical Company, one of the world's leading producers of speciality metal-based products. From its Widnes manufacturing site, the company manufactures cobalt, manganese and nickel salts for the ShepCo range of inorganic cobalt salts.

As part of a review of metal salt production, Shepherd Widnes has taken the opportunity to replace a short conveyor that filled a Bulk Bag with 750Kg of filtercake. The Bulk Bag, held in a small truck, was then pushed along a track the short distance to the point where the bag could be picked up by a fork lift truck for warehouse storage.

Ajax Equipment has supplied a longer replacement screw conveyor so that the product is being dumped into the Bulk Bag where it can be picked up by a forklift, thus eliminating the need to push the bulk bag to the forklift. A second new screw conveyor was also installed with the same features as the replacement. Each Ajax conveyor features a 190cm screw diameter with ribbon flights to resist clogging with sticky material.

Cameron Ward, senior process engineer, Shepherd Widens Ltd said, "Pushing the Bulk Bag posed a potential safety issue which we wanted to eliminate. The Ajax solution works well and allows us to streamline production of filter cake."

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