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    METSO Supplies Swivelling Stackers

    The Carrieres de la Loire quarry in France has recently installed two Nordberg swivelling stackers from Metso Minerals as part of an overall plant upgrade. The wheeled units have improved on-site stockpiling by depositing crushed product into the relevant stockpiles with limited stoppages .

    The Carrieres de la Loire quarry – located 20 km north of St Etienne – recently upgraded its entire crushing and screening facility with Metso Minerals supplying and installing an array of new equipment on a turnkey basis; the facility is now able to produce 500tph of aggregates. One of the most important elements of the new plant is two Nordberg swivelling stackers, one unit with a 55 m length and the other with a 3 0m length.

    The Nordberg range of swivelling stackers from Metso Minerals is designed to comply with European Handling Federation standards, ensuring a high reliability of operation and production.

    Simple and robust, the units travel on wheels that run along an installed concrete trackway, with the machines able to swivel up to 2400. The unit’s high breaking torque is achieved by an hydraulic tong (10t in strength), insuring a high stability level in any weather condition.

    The 55 m long unit is being utilised for stockpiling product direct from the plant’s primary crusher. With a width of 1.000 mm, the stacker is transporting material of 0/150mm size, into seven relevant stockpiles.

    Meanwhile, the 30 m long stacker – which has a conveyor width of 800 mm - is used for stockpiling crushed aggregate products with sizes from 0/31mm.
    Both units are equipped with wind anometers, which ensure safety during high winds. When wind speed exceeds 40 km/h, the unit’s wheels are automatically locked, allowing feed to continue, but only in a fixed position. If the wind should increase to 72 km/h, then the feed is automatically stopped.
    If wind speeds of 130 km/h are encountered, then supports for the stacker’s wheels are recommended for extra stability. Once these supports have been put in place, the stacker will not operate at all, until the supports have been removed.

    Full Turnkey Project

    Metso Minerals has supplied a complete solution for the Carrieres de la Loire quarry. Maintaining its original primary crushing equipment, Metso installed and supplied a completely new secondary and tertiary crushing and screening plant, along with all subsidiary equipment.

    The equipment includes one Nordberg HP500 cone crusher with a 500-tph capacity, a Nordberg HP300 crusher – both working as secondary stage units – and two Nordberg HP200 crushers, operating as tertiary crushing units.
    Metso Minerals has also supplied five screens - three triple deck units and two double deck screens.

    The Quarry supplies aggregates to the French road construction industry, with six product sizes being produced, 0/2 mm, 2/4 mm, 4/6 mm, 6/10 mm, 10/14 mm and 14/20 mm. The facility also produces ballast for rail construction, and when this product of 0/20mm is being crushed, only the five smallest aggregate products are produced, with the 14/20 mm line being automatically switched to ballast production.

    The Carrieres de la Loire facility has a history dating back to the early 20th Century. The company has come along way since then, with the new Metso Minerals plant increasing production and product quality. Covering an area of approximately 60 ha, the facility estimates that its quarrying reserves will last for another 60 years.

    For further information please contact Mr. Jan Olofsson at:
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