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Thread: Hydraulic Lifting Project at Port Kembla

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    Hydraulic Lifting Project at Port Kembla

    Hydraulic muscle to the rescue after 120,000 tonne ship impacts coal loader

    One of Australasia’s biggest hydraulic lifting projects in recent years took place after a 120,000-tonne coal ship struck a concrete loading wharf and glanced off a coal loader at Port Kembla.

    Booths Hire – a long time user of Enerpac high-pressure (700bar) hydraulics and specialist equipment - was called in by Barclay Mowlem to help repair the substantial damage.

    Part of the repair operation involved lifting the complete 1280-tonne coal loader onto two specially constructed trestles so as to allow repairs and inspection of the damaged loader.

    “Booths Hire was called upon to supply numerous Enerpac hydraulic cylinders, pumps, hoses, manifolds and gauges, including a dozen 100-tonne RCS1002 Low Height Cylinders to fit into the confined spaces involved,” said Booths Project Manager Colin Chapman.

    The Low-Height cylinders – part of an Enerpac hydraulic range used extensively throughout the Australasian mining and construction industry – offered 57mm (two inches) of stroke from a low-profile cylinder with a collapsed height of just 141mm (under six inches). These were complemented by four Enerpac RC506 50-tonne cylinders with a 159mm (six inch) stroke, and four RC106 10-tonne cylinders with the same stroke. The cylinders were actuated by a PEM2305E 240-volt hydraulic pump especially suited to multiple circuits and large cylinders. Its 20 litres of usable oil capacity is complemented by advance/hold/retract functions for single-acting cylinders.

    “As well as providing the equipment, we were able to provide the technical expertise to advise on the correct jacks for the application to ensure the lift was completed without a hitch,” said Mr Chapman.

    Before the lift was undertaken, Booths technical staff visited the site several times, often out of hours and on weekends to cover all bases in regard to the correct operation of the equipment they were to use.

    “When the operation got under way each leg of an engineered trestle system was jacked using a system of 100-tonne Enerpac cylinders, until the complete 1280-tonne structure was raised off the ground and placed onto packers, allowing repair work to be carried out. Various other Enerpac cylinders were used to support and jack the bogie wheel assemblies during repairs, including (RSM1000) Low Height cylinders, (RC506) general purpose cylinders. We used (RSM100) 10-tonne cylinders to press bearings and various other components apart,” said Mr Chapman.

    “During the exercise the 100-tonne Enerpac cylinders were used to raise and lower the structure a number of times so as to allow various tasks to be carried out.

    “Once the bogie wheel assemblies were repaired and replaced, the complete coal loader was again jacked up and placed onto a slide system fabricated using stainless steel and Teflon so as to lower the co- efficient of friction to a point where the loader could be pushed into place. It then pushed a distance of 1100mm using a series of four 50-tonne, RC506 cylinders to return the coal loader to its original alignment with its supporting rail system.”

    The Enerpac equipment involved in the Port Kembla project is part of a range used throughout industry in Australia and New Zealand, with applications extending from building and construction to manufacturing, mining, maintenance and production automation. Part of the Actuant corporation, which has worldwide sales exceeding $A1 billion a year, Enerpac products are backed by a distribution and service network established throughout Australasia for more than 30 years.

    For more information about Enerpac equipment in Australia and New Zealand, please contact Enerpac Division, Applied Power Australia, Block V. Unit 3, Regents Park Estate, 391 Park Road, Regents Park, Sydney 2143, ph Australia (61) Sydney (02) 9743 8988, fax (61) (02) 9743 8648, e-mail

    Booths Hire may be contacted on 1300 36 10 10 from anywhere in Australia.

    The wharf, damaged by a 120,000 tonne coal ship, and repaired by Booths Hire using Enerpac hydraulic cylinders, pumps, hoses, manifolds and gauges
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