Linertech Limited is Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of ISO shipping container “liners”, associated products and value-added services. These “liners” are used to facilitate the use of ISO Shipping Containers as a means of bulk distribution of particulate solids without either contaminating the product being contained or the container itself.

Linertech have been in existence for almost 20 years supplying bulk liners to many of the world’s leading companies across a wide spectrum of industry segments. These global companies have seen the benefit of using shipping containers to distribute their product in a more cost effective way than the traditional method of palletised 25Kg bags or flexible intermediate bulk 500Kg, 1000Kg and 1500Kg bags.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you our newly appointed representative for Central and Southern America. They are:- Propax Caribe S.A. Dominican Republic UK eMail: Spainish Website: Contact: Mr Raymond Calcutt

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