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Thread: Screener or Classifier

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    Screener or Classifier

    We are looking at processing a -80 (tyler) mesh bentonite clay. Most of the fines are all ready sized to that (93-95%), but need to grind the rest to match the -80. We want to run about 3-4 tph, so would a screener with a grinder for the over size work or would a classifier be better for our application? Thank you for any information that can be provided.

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    Considering capacity and size distribution a CLASSIFIER shall be


    S. Bar
    Chief Engineer
    Ludan engineering LTD.

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    Rami Wittenberg

    Rami Wittenberg

    Business abd Marketing Development

    Definitly Screener

    ATT. Mr. John Sutton

    From the Bulk Portal Forum I received the below information.

    We can find a solution to your problems but let's clarify couple of things:

    Your product already contains 93 - 95% of (-) 80 mesh.
    How do you screen it to day. (Type and size of the screener)
    What is the yield after screening. (From 1000kg feed, how much passes
    through and how much from the (-) 80 mesh is left on the (+) 80 mesh.
    In case you do not have a solution so far, and in case we can provide you
    with a very good separation efficiency, would you consider to take the
    Oversize (5% of the feed) and use it for other purpose or do you insist (for
    cost/kg reason or any other reason) to get 100% of your feed below 80 mesh

    Could you send us 50 lt of your feed product (please send us before the

    Kind regards
    Kroosh Technologies Ltd.

    Rami Wittenberg
    Business & Marketing Development

    Tel: +972 8 8527597
    Mobile: + 972 54 656900

    Visit our web site:

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    Dear Sir,

    You state you would like minus 80 mesh, does it matter what the distribution below 80 mesh is? If it is not a major concern, I would suggest using jet milling to attain 100% minus 80 mesh. Generally yields are 98-99% using this method.

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    We can supply a system to handle your problem consisting of a feeder machine prior to a centrifugal screening unit to size the bentonite clay through an 80 mesh, which than continues to your next process step. The balance of the 3 to 4 tons, approx. 600 lbs per hour passing through our TCT Cutter which will break up the agglomerates. A vacuum conveying system will return the reduced oversized material to the feed of the screen unit for rescreening. If the layout of this system is flexible we could allow the vacuum conveying system air to also serve for some dust control. This system should be somewhat less than an air classifier system and which should be a convent to understand and operate by your production department.
    If this interests you we can provide a proposal for your evaluation.
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    Larry Stone - Kason Corp., USA Guest

    Screener or Classiifer

    Dear Mr. Sutton,

    There is a good possibility that the product from the grinder can be screened on a Centrisifter which would be less expensive than an air classifier. However, Since our Canadian Company not only buids the Kason Centrisifter they also Represent Sturtevant Air Classifiers and Grinding equipment. I would suggest that you contact Joe Byrnes of Separator Engineering Ltd.
    tel. 416-292-8822 fax. 416-292-3882
    Joe is a competent chemical engineer who specializes in solids processing. He can arrange for testing at both Sturtevant and Kason for you and assist you in the evaluation of the data. Joe supervises our Western Agents who will supply local contact and service if you purchase any equipment thru Separator Engineering Ltd.

    I hope the above is helpful.

    Very truly yours,

    Larry Stone

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    We do not screen our product. We have a 80' dryer with a baghouse and fan. The velocity from this system pulls the fines into the baghouse and we extract the dust from there. The fines are as small as -325 mesh @ 36.6% pass rate, and we are looking at eventually supplying the consumer with that size. We've in the past tried a 48" sweco screener, but it took 24hrs to do 9 tons and had to pass it through 3 times. We are looking at doing a single pass only. Hopefully I have answered some questions that you have and look forward to any responses that you may have.
    regards John

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    Larry Stone - Kason Corp., USA Guest

    Screener or classifier

    Dear John,

    If you visit our website you will see that we manufacture both vibroscreens ( direct competition with Sweco) asnd Centrisifters. I would never have rexommended a circular screen foir use with your product. The Centrisifter might work but testwork has to be done to prove the point. If it does work you would find it an easy machine to maintain and low in maintenance costs. Before testing you should ask yourself if nylon would be a suitable material for the screening material. If the answer is positive you might have a inexpensive solution to your problem. If the answer is negative, I believe you are looking at an air classifier as a solution. In any event contact Joe Byrnes and he will work with you.

    Best regards,

    Larry Stone

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    Dear Mr. Sutton,

    Using jet milling is an efficient and cost effective way to attain the desired particle size. If you would like to contact me regarding jet milling I would be happy to discuss your needs. I am with Powder Technology Inc. located in Burnsville, MN.

    Jeff Friederichs

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    I think that a centrifugal mill vith classifier included (a pack) fot thie relatively small capacity will be the more simple solution, due to the expected lower abrasion of bentonite product.
    Any way it would deppend of maximum size of coarse fraction > 80 mesh

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