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Thread: Goodyear Introduces New Cover Compound

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    Goodyear Introduces New Cover Compound

    Goodyear cover compounds reduce conveyor belt cupping

    MARYSVILLE, Ohio, October 1 – Evolution taking place in the power generation industry is placing more demand on plant equipment. When some of the changes began causing conveyor belts to distort, Goodyear Engineered Products responded and led the industry by developing rubber compound solutions that resist cupping.

    The company first developed dynamic lab tests at its technical center at Marysville, Ohio, to identify how industry changes affected rubber compounds, according to Mike Braucher, marketing manager for Goodyear’s conveyor belt business.

    “Using test results, we developed two new cover compounds – Goodyear ARMA-LE and Goodyear Style B-LE low extraction - that allowed us to take the lead in providing solutions to the power generation industry,” Braucher said.
    He said low-moisture-content western U.S. coal and chemically treated coal that is mandated by federal regulations to suppress dust, can cause oils, called plasticizers, to be extracted from rubber. When that happens in conventional belts, the topside hardens prematurely and edges can begin to curl, creating cupping.

    Cupping causes a conveyor belt to lose contact with a system’s idlers, or rollers, that are designed to steer the belt and support the payload. As cupping progresses, a belt is less likely to track properly and fill uniformly. Off-center belts can shut down a conveyor system and, in some cases, cause serious damage to its metal structure.

    ARMA-LE and Style B-LE compounds combat the effects of low- moisture- content coal and dust suppressants by resisting plasticizer leaching from conveyor belts.

    “The new compounds stay pliable longer than conventional rubber compounds,” said Braucher. “In addition, ARMA-LE is approved for use in coal-fired power generation facilities that require components to meet flame resistance standards established by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.”

    Conveyor belts built with ARMA-LE and Style B-LE compounds have been performing well and operating without cupping at commercial operations in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Virginia.

    Today, Goodyear manufactures and markets more than 25 cover compounds for most heavy-duty mining and transport applications. It also produces lightweight PVC conveyor belts, as well as industrial hose and power transmission belts.

    For additional information, visit:
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