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Thread: Bulk Filler Handling Systems

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    Bulk Filler Handling Systems

    Bulk filler handling systems can be integrated with either an Autocaster TM automatic casting machine or a Batchmaster TM batching system to reduce the labor associated with filling the metering hoppers. Depending upon the manufacturer's requirements, the systems can work with either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler. The systems typically include a ground hopper for storing and conveying the filler to the metering hoppers and handling systems for supporting and moving the bulk bags when these are being used.

    Floor Hopper with Screw Drive Conveyor
    • 4" tube and solid core auger constructed from carbon steel, standard pitch (i.e. pitch = diameter)
    • 45 or 60 degree incline
    • Standard discharge heights of 7 feet and 10 feet (other heights available)
    •Rugged 15 cu. ft. Bin with 12 gauge carbon steel construction
    • Dimensions of 57.5"L X 42.5" W X 45"H plus auger
    • 1 Hp 120/230/460 volt motor
    • 2-way forklift entries
    • Sealed dust tight drive and idler bearings with transmission ratio of 20:1
    • Integrated controls for automatic filling of Autocaster or Batchmaster
    •Optional Pneumatic vibrator for anti-bridging control
    •Includes screen for helping to prevent bag scraps and other debris from reaching auger
    •When sold with Autocaster or Batchmaster, includes metering hopper dust cover, drop tube sock and clamps for dust control and contamination prevention
    • Includes chain clamps for securing bulk bag hopper support
    • 100+ lb/min output rate for typical calcium carbonate blends

    Bulk Bag Hopper Support
    • Designed to sit above our ground hopper to support a bulk bag
    • 4 way forklift entry
    • Unit can be dropped to ground for bulk bag loading
    • Rated for maximum 2500 lb bulk bag
    • Adjustable hook height
    • Requires fork lift access to lift support on to ground hopper

    Bulk Bag Gantry
    • For overhead lifting and dispensing of bulk bag fillers into floor hoppers for automated casting machines or automated batching systems
    • Where applicable, can be used to hold bulk bags directly over metering hoppers for use with systems without floor hoppers
    • Gantries are manufactured from heavy duty steel components and finished in powder-coat.
    • Rated for a maximum lifting capacity of 3,000 lb.
    • Cable trolleys provided to carry and guide hoist's power supply chord
    • Bulk bags can be lifted from the ground with the hoist - no forklift access to ground hoppers required

    Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor
    • Bulk bag conveyors facilitate the movement and storage of bulk fillers to a bulk bag gantry
    • Conveyors are constructed using heavy duty 2" dia. - 12 gauge galvanized steel rollers mounted on 3" centers to roll formed 11 gauge galvanized steel channels. Channels are reinforced laterally with cross-braces to maintain a 42" dimension between frames.
    • Conveyor frames rest on floor and include all mounting hardware
    • Allows manual pushing of bulk bag from forklift access point to bulk bag gantry

    Part Numbers:
    150445 4" Ground Hopper 45 degree.
    150460 4" Ground Hopper 60 degree.

    Additional part numbers or Options:

    0831208 Bulk Bag Gantry, 4 leg, 10'
    0831215 4000# Electric hoist.
    0831217 4000# Trolley.
    0831216 Bulk bag roller conveyor, 10ft.
    0831516 Bulk bag support freestanding.
    150160 Bulk bag suspender frame.

    For more information please visit:
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